First presentation on the medical applications of GScan technology at the UKIO2022 radiology conference in UK

We are happy to thank our collaborator Karen Knapp from the University of Exeter presenting our joint study on bone radiology. The study is focused on more accurate measurements of the calcium content of human bones. The lack of calcium indicates osteoporosis and consequent increase in fracture risk. About 15% of the world population in their 50s and 70% of those over 80 are affected by that condition.

We hope that our developed Atmospheric Ray Tomography (ART) technology allows some breakthroughs in this field. It is safer than X-ray based technologies and so it can be used everywhere, for example, at a pharmacy shop. Theoretically, it can also be more precise, allowing more accurate and personalised medical treatment of the condition.

Together with our partners the University of Exeter, UCLouvain, KBFI in Tallinn, Tartu University, we have started the joint CosmoMed project targeting potential applications of ART in medicine and health tech.


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