GScan is getting global: a Teaming Agreement with PrimusTech in Singapore

The GScan team is happy to sign a Teaming Agreement with PrimusTech in Singapore. The contract was signed by Amanda M.J. Shen (CEO PrimusTech) and Andi Hektor (COB) at our first physical meeting in wonderful Singapore. The main aim of the contract is the planning and preparations for the joint participation in tenders and piloting projects in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

It is a real honour to work with PrimusTech, the local leader offering a comprehensive range of services and solutions that include Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS), Smart Facility Management Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) Systems, Network Infrastructure and Infocomm Technology (ICT) solutions. The company has excellent expertise working with airports and other infrastructure objects, where GScan’s scanning technology is eagerly needed. We thank Amanda M.J. Shen, Michael Ong Liang Huat and the team of PrimusTech for the smooth and effective preparation work for the contract. Michael and Amanda, we love your passion in work and hospitality beyond work!

This collaboration and contract was made possible due to continuous and kind support by Kristel Alver, the Chief Representative Officer at Enterprise Estonia Singapore. Thank you, Kristel!

The caption of photo: The signing of Teaming Agreement between PrimusTech and GScan (Front, from left: Amanda M.J. Shen (CEO PrimusTech) and Andi Hektor (COB GScan); back: Michael Ong Liang Huat (Executive Chairman, PrimusTech), Kristel Alver (Chief Representative Officer, Enterprise Estonia) and Geoffrey Clelland (Sales Director, GScan))


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