GScan won a €1.5M R&D grant from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency

Spirit of 2022 is getting positive. We just got the great news that the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency granted GScan with €1.5M. The grant is supporting the R&D of our core technologies. In the project, we are collaborating with our long term research partner KBFI, Tallinn.

GScan applied R&D and product development project Parcel and luggage scanner based on natural atmospheric radiation (project no 2014- 2020.4.02.22-0411) for the time period from Sept 20, 2021 to Dec 31, 2023.

In the project, GScan will develop a fully automatic system based on natural atmospheric radiation tomograph. The device is intended for use in customs and security systems: luggage, scanning people, cars, containers, etc. Technology detects objects atomic composition and automatically signals explosives, drugs,  prohibited, dangerous or undeclared goods.

The project aims to further develop existing technology in order to reduce the cost of the tomograph. The project will be further developed detector technology, signal processing electronics and reconstruction algorithms, as the most important factors influencing the cost of the device. During the project a prototype based on the new technology is completed and pilot measurements are carried out at the end consumer. The cost of the technology is estimated on the basis of the created prototype reduction compared to the current situation.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund with €1 468 500. GScan is financed with €1 332 000 and KBFI is financed with €136 500.


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