GScan μFLUX – putting ART into inspection technology

Atmospheric Ray Tomography (ART) is the new frontier of particle physics applications, with tremendous practical potential.

GScan μFLUX scanners

⎼ Applying the natural flux of particles originating from the atmosphere.
⎼ Material detection through any shielding.
⎼ AI-driven decision making for fully automated inspection.

Use cases and verticals


We are producing our products based on customs agencies needs.
Fully automated recognition of illegal material and passiveness brings new standards into non-intrusive inspection.

Critical infrastructure

Our bridges and buildings are getting older. ART tomography has big potential in critical infrastructure inspection. Muons are highly penetrating and with our devices it is possible to see structures of very thick concrete.


We are on our way to bring ART tomography to medical use.
At current stage, we are open for joint research projects for medical scanners.



No ionising radiation


Automatic decision making


Highest resolution available


Fits within existing infrastructure


From small parcel scanners to large truck scanner, same hardware used


No moving parts, long life span


μFLUX Small, 2022

Measurement area 1 x 1 x 1,2 (m).

Markets: Parcel delivery centers, airports, security gates, customs LOIs with Tallinn airport, the Estonian Ministry of Interior and Customs.

μFLUX Medium, 2023

Measurement area 2 x 2 x 4 (m).

Markets: Customs, entrance gates, vehicle gates.

μFLUX Large, 2024

Measurement area 4 x 4 x 16 (m).

Markets: Customs, vehicle gates, ports
Contract with the Commission of the European Union.

μFLUX Custom, NOW

No need to wait for the main pipeline – we are fully equiped and ready to build custom solutions.

About pipeline

As we are in post-prototype stage focusing on production and scaling the product, we are pipelining our product production into 3 different stages. By 2024 we are aiming to release our biggest yet scanner which is developed already right now within contract with the Commission of the European Union.

The production line of the modules will start in Dec 2021. All our products are constructed from the same standard module and only difference is use-case of the product. If you are eager to use our products and do not want to wait for the pipeline, you can surely cooperate with us – we are ready to create custom solutions.