Our team

The people behind our success


Andi Hektor

Particle and astrophysics expert from CERN & KBFI. Technology consultant, enthusiast and entrepreneur.


Hannes Plinte

Co-founder, serial entrepreneur and investor.


Märt Mägi

Co-founder. Märt is experienced project manager, he has successfully led many major information systems and defense sector projects at Estonian Ministry of Defence and GoSwift.

R&D Lead

Madis Kiisk

Co-founder, expert in nuclear physics and radiation safety. Madis has long scientific career at University of Tartu, department of Physics.


Anzori Georgadze

Expert in elementary particle physics, expert in nuclear interrogation systems, expert in modelling of nuclear detection systems. Senior researcher at Tartu University and Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research.


Expert in machine learning, he is also Co-founder and Head at iCV– a leading computer vision lab in Europe located at the Technology Institute of the University of Tartu.