Muon Flux 3D scanners are future NOW

Atmospheric Ray Tomography is the new frontier of particle physics applications, with tremendous practical potential. GScan is the pioneer in this field.

Why is it better?

We use atmospheric rays to see through objects similar to X-rays. Atmospheric ray scanners use only natural radiation and thus can be applied with no restrictions for scanning humans.

Our patented technology allows autonomous identification of explosives, weapons, nuclear materials, etc based on density and atomic information.

Our systems can be applied anywhere, where the chemical composition of scanned objects should be revealed: security, border control, industry and medicine.

ART vs X-Ray

To differentiate the ART technology from X-Ray we have created a brief and on-point comparision table that brings up the key elements of both technologies.

100% safe with no ionising radiation
Emits radiation harmful to humans and foods
No safety exclusion required
Requires exclusion zone or shielding
No moving parts
Many moving parts to maintain
3D image with automatic detection and material classification
Produces 2D gray image only
Software subscription updates only
High physical maintenance schedule required
Can penetrate over 2400mm steel
Penetration limited to ~400mm
Can penetrate through liquids
Cannot penetrate liquids

How does it work?

GScan’s μFLUX system detects the motion, energy and direction of individual muons as they pass through space.

Neutrons, positrons and electrons are detected for additional data.

Directional changes and scattering data, caused by objects on the particles’ way, is collected and analysed.

The resulting dataset is calculated to three-dimensional heatmaps. Using complex computational methods, information on materials and density is deducted.

This results in accurate detection of elements, objects and their location in any given space.

Virtual vision through any material.

See it in action

GScan’s technology can detect elements from all corners of the periodic table.

The GScan ART technology stack integrates the most advanced, highest resolution, muon detection hardware with the most comprehensive data analysis software layer. Our system is highly scalable and flexible. Single panels can be used to scan small objects, or assembled into arrays the size of buildings and shapes as needed.

What makes us unique?

Knowledge on security business, AI, hardware, algorithms is what makes us unique. Our team combines the top-level skills on security business, AI, tomographic algorithms, detector tech.

Patented algorithms for object detection and material identification.